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Cute Bathroom Design Ideas That’ll Spruce Up Your Space

Bathroom design can be a tricky thing—it’s such a small space, but it can make or break your whole home. If you’re looking to remodel your bathroom, here are some great design ideas that will transform your space!

Bathroom Renovations

Add some color:

The best way to transform your bathroom is by adding some color! Paint the walls a bright hue like pink or orange, or go with a fun accent wall that makes a statement. You can also add color by painting accessories like faucets and shower heads a bright hue.

Add a window:

Add a window if your bathroom doesn’t have one yet! It can be as simple as opening up a wall between the shower stall and another room in the house or installing a new window. Windows in bathrooms let in natural light and make any space feel larger.

Add storage:

Storage is key when it comes to creating more livable spaces in your home—and bathrooms are no exception! Consider adding storage under the sink or in cabinets above toilets, so there’s always somewhere to put things when they’re not being used. This makes it easier for everyone using the bathroom to find what they need when they need it!

Bathroom Renovations

Add mirrors in unexpected places:

Mirrors can be used in a variety of ways in the bathroom. Consider adding mirrors above the sink or behind medicine cabinets so that they can reflect light from other sources (like recessed lighting). The result will be an increase in natural light throughout the room as well as an increase in perceived space.

Lighten up:

A lot of people think that adding more light is the best way to make a room look brighter and airier. But it’s actually more about what lighting fixtures you choose than how much light they emit. A sleek ceiling-mounted light fixture will make your room feel luxurious, while a bright overhead pendant will give it an industrial vibe that’s perfect for small spaces.

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Bathroom Design

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